Residential Repipe Services

Black Cat Plumbing focuses primarily on residential repipes, water service replacements & water heating solutions. Our #1 customers have always been owners of older Portland homes. We treat your home as if it was our own and we deliver a fast, high quality professional job. We can guarantee that every detail of your project is completed competently and quickly.


Repiping is the process of replacing all existing domestic water piping and installing a new system throughout your home or building. Repiping is a long-term solution to serious pipe corrosion problems.

Most Portland Homes still have the original galvanized water piping that appears to be in decent shape on the outside but here is some info on what is happening on the inside.

This is what those same pipes look like on the inside:


And this is what is happening:

The rust restricts the flow of water and causes a build-up of gunk and slime throughout the system.

The water pressure in the city lines may be fine but as the water enters the property and moves through the house the restricted pipes reduce the volume of water that can get to the fixtures.

As the rust and deterioration factors worsen, the water can become dirty, foul-smelling and unfit to drink.

The most noticeable result of this build-up is low water pressure in the sinks, shower, washer, etc., leading to annoying situations such as being scalded in the shower when someone flushes the toilet or uses the water in another part of the house.

Hidden leaks can develop inside the walls, in the attic and under the house, running the risk of major damage to the home.

What To Do About It


Copper pipePex pipeCopper pipe

The benefits of copper include:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Copper is a natural product.
  2. Resistance to corrosion.
  3. Fewer support requirements.
  4. Leakproof joints.
  5. Reliabilty in the long term.
  6. Safety — Copper inhibits bacterial growth and will not support combustion.
  7. Maintained integrity under extreme conditions.

PEX piping — a cutting-edge plastic material and todays industry standard for the past twenty five years — is the most cost effective and popular choice, offering its own set of advantages for homeowners. Pex is:

  1. More affordable than copper materials.
  2. Non-corrosive.
  3. Flexible.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Learn more about the sustainable benefits of Uponor PEX Systems.


  • Residential services include:
  • Residential Repipes.
  • New Water Services.
  • Water Heating Solutions (Electric / Gas / Tankless / Hybrid / Standard & High Efficiency).
  • Faucets/Sinks/Toilets/Tubs.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling.
  • Drain/Sewer Cleaning / Replacement.
  • All Types of Water Filters.
  • Garbage Disposals.
  • Leak and Line Locating.
  • Slab Leak Repair.
  • Gas Piping.